Now Available: Face Masks

You asked for them, and now they’re here! We are now offering face masks featuring some of our designs through Redbubble. Because of this, they will not be available directly on our website. Instead, they will be listed on co-owner Ashley’s Redbubble page.

While we would have preferred to offer face masks on our own site, our manufacturer does not offer customizable face masks. We looked at other manufacturers, but we also wanted to get these available as soon as possible.

Given the fact face masks have become the new normal for the time being, we wanted to give customers the opportunity to purchase fun ones that allow for creative expression. So we’ve chosen to do that through Redbubble, because it’s a quick, easy way to provide masks.

As always, we will be making a donation for every mask purchased. All proceeds from these masks will be donated to Direct Relief.

While Redbubble is a great platform, we will not be making our designs available on Redbubble for other products. This is a special circumstance. However, if there is a design of ours you would like to see on a mask, please comment below. And please remember these masks are not for medical use.

If you purchase masks, please know that everything is done through Redbubble. We do not have access to the orders from there and are not handling them in any way. Please direct mask purchase questions to Redbubble.

Find our face masks at Ashley’s Redbubble page under the SGM Masks collection.

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