About the Owners

Kumusta, everyone! We’re Ashley and Amanda, the owners of Something Good Merchandise. We’re Filipina-American identical twins based in the Chicago area. As twins, we are similar in some obvious ways, but we are also similar in other ways that go beyond genetics: our introverted personalities, our creativity, our journalism degrees, our bookworm nature, and our love for desserts and sweets. We’re also both writers and creative professionals who dabble in graphic design and photography.

As similar as we are, we’re also rather different. Amanda is the girly, fashion savvy type who loves pink and never goes a day without the color. Ashley is the tomboy who loves basketball and sneakers and only wears pink when it’s on her “I love this game” NBA T-shirt.

While neither of us have done theatre or any sort of performing arts, we managed to fall in love with Broadway/musical theatre because of its fun, creative method of storytelling. As writers, we value stories. So we adore the way dialogue, music, lyrics, dancing, choreography, lighting, set design, and more all come together to tell a certain narrative. Broadway is also one of the few things we both have a legitimate interest in, and it has brought us closer and allowed us to bond in a way we haven’t been able to before.

Our Broadway/Musical Theatre Favorites and More

Favorite Musical

Ashley: Bandstand
Amanda: West Side Story

Favorite Performer

Ashley: Corey Cott
Amanda: Stephanie Styles

Favorite Show Tune

Ashley: "Right This Way" from Bandstand
Amanda: "Tonight (Quintet)" from West Side Story

Best Show You've Seen

Ashley: West Side Story at Lyric Opera of Chicago
Amanda: West Side Story at Lyric Opera of Chicago

Show that Made You Love Musical Theatre

Ashley: Bandstand
Amanda: Newsies