Please consider our "COVID-19 Update" and FAQ pages before placing an order.

Holiday Order Deadlines

Last updated on December 9

Our recommended order deadlines have already passed. However, our shop will remain open, and you can still place an order. Your order is just less likely to arrive in time for any upcoming holiday.

No delivery/shipping dates are guaranteed. As mentioned below, the following dates were merely estimates that gave customers the best chance at receiving their orders in time.

If you are purchasing a gift for the holiday season, we recommend you place your order by the following dates listed below to get your order in time. The dates listed below are merely estimates and not a guarantee.

  • United States: December 8
  • Canada: December 4
  • Europe: December 6
  • Other international: November 29

Regarding Hanukkah:

  • United States: November 25
  • Canada: November 19
  • Europe: November 21
  • Other international: November 14

With the exception of stickers, all of our products ship directly from the manufacturer and are made-to-order, meaning inventory is not on hand. Please allow time for the order to be fulfilled, and shipped. With the pandemic and holiday season, there may be shipping delays, so please be patient with your order and early as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery.

Because stickers are shipped via standard mail, no shipping guarantees can be made regarding these items.

Continue to check this page for updates, as recommended deadlines may change. For information regarding order fulfillment and shipping timelines, please visit our COVID-19 Update page.